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The Life Challenge Program was created in memory of Marc R. Millenix


The Life Challenge Program was founded by Shawna Legarza
and is supported through the Wildland Firefighter Foundation..

The life challenge program is a grassroots, peer support based program that helps firefighters, friends, co-workers and families to better understand, prevent and deal with suicide.

The intent for this program is to provide information through seminars, helpful links, professional readings and personal reflections so individuals can learn to effectively manage their mental and emotional state of mind during times of stress. This program offers reference materials and additional information to provide guidance and support. This program is intended to offer a safe place for firefighters to reach out and find information. Our vision is to hope individuals will learn and achieve a positive state of mind with strategies to create and maintain a higher quality of life both personally and professionally. buy clonazepam online xanax for sale reductil online pharmacy provigil online no prescription meridia online without prescription buy zolpidem online no prescription

“This program is dedicated to those who are the survivors of a loved one or co-worker who has committed suicide”, said Shawna Legarza

The Life Challenge Program will focus on the following:

  • Leadership and Self– Six Core Strategies for taking care of yourself while maintaining peak performance. Dr. Larry Iverson.

  • Dealing with transformation and organizational change in your personal and professional life. Dr. Anne Kellogg.

  • Learning how to effectively manage your thoughts through the use of sub modalities. Dr. Larry Iverson.

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